Hypocrisy of the Christian right

Sunday September 23, 2012

This is in response to Ronald Desilet’s letter of Sept. 16 describing the "Christian Dem o crat" as an oxymoron, citing a woman’s right to choose and same-sex marriage.

Conservatives insist that every pregnancy be brought to term and then make those who grow up gay and lesbian wish they’d never been born. Pro-life? Doesn’t look that way to me. Conservatives still take pride in the U.S. invasion of Iraq, a trumped-up war that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians including, undoubtedly, the death of tens of thousands of women who were with child. Conservatives, though, will never allow themselves to see the truth of this because the moral implications would be inescapable.

Besides, they weren’t Ameri can pregnancies so it doesn’t count. (And conservatives wonder why the backlash against American interests throughout the Middle East.)

"So much for the fear of God" he writes. Personally, I ascribe to what one member of the American Sikh community expressed in the aftermath of the Wisconsin murders in their temple: they don’t fear God; instead, they love God. Mr. Desilet has made it abundantly clear that he fears the God of the Old Testament, with fire and brimstone thrown in for good measure.

Mr. Desilet believes gay marriage to be a sin because passages in Scripture forbid it. Scripture also upholds poly gamy. Does Mr. Desilet? Ap parently, he must. You just can’t pick and choose those passages in the Bible that suit you, right Mr. Desilet? Scripture upholds marrying women who are captured. Scripture supports men choosing to marry the women they raped.

Jesus -- the "Christ" -- is what Christianity means to many Christians, not the history and customs that predate the life of Jesus (which Christians call the "Old Testament") and not the teachings of the Christ as interpreted by his followers. How we debase Jesus and bring Him down to our level instead of raising ourselves up to His. Jesus taught unconditional love, but the Church has been putting a spin on that message for over 2,000 years. In the words of author Anne Rice, a born-again Christian but one who came to realize that a person need not be anti-gay, anti-science, anti-feminist and anti-liberal to be a devout Chris tian: "Following Christ is not the same as following the followers of Christ."

The last time I checked, Mr. Desilet, gay soldiers were taking bullets for us to protect our civil liberties. They deserve nothing less than the same.




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