Hysteria reveals weakness of faith

Thursday, January 24
When a so-called Christian rants at a non-believer in the snide, aggressive manner of Dan Valenti, it can only mean one thing: his faith is weak. ("Atheism wilts before truth, logic," op-ed, Jan. 19).

As a lapsed Lutheran who has known many fine Christians, I know that a genuine Christian would smile tolerantly at a poor, misguided atheist and then say a prayer for him. Valenti's attack-dog mentality demonstrates just how threatened he is by non-believers. At least we can be thankful Valenti wasn't around during the Inquisition — he'd have pushed his way to the front of the line with his red-hot poker and boiling oil.

By the way, anyone who would pay money to watch a barroom argument about religion should have his head examined.



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