Ignorance is bliss for Obama voters

Tuesday November 20, 2012

At one time most U.S. citizens believed in the righteousness of the U.S. Today conventional wisdom makes the statement that all politicians lie, acceptable. The past election certainly proved this to be true. The majority of the electorate just don't care. Four years ago they were lied to, and time and facts have proven they were lies. (Fact checks on the Web are only opinions of the fact checker that fit their agenda.) How many people really check the facts themselves before accepting a suitable sound bite? I hesitated to use the word lie thinking that perhaps it was too harsh, but when the president of the U.S. used it so often during the four years of his campaign, who am I to be critical of its usage.

The jobs report just before the election showed a five-month high in new job creation, the first report after the election showed the highest jobless claims since April, 2011. Is either of these reports credible? The truth about the gun-running episode "Fast and Furious" has never been fully explained, even after the attorney general has been held in contempt of court.

Weeks before the election one of our foreign consulates was attacked and the ambassador was murdered, which could be interpreted as an act of war, yet the president did not inform the U.S. citizens, before the election, about the cause, and why no protection was available to personnel of the embassy. A couple of days after the election, arguably the best living general and head of CIA resigns because of impropriety of his action. This was an ongoing investigation by the FBI, and yet this information was withheld from the public until after the voting took place. It would appear the majority of electorate really don't care, they just accept the bloviating.

It is incredible to me that the majority of Americans don't care about mercy killing, same sex marriage, abortion (murdering babies) bankruptcy, high price of gasoline, the rule of law (illegal aliens) and loss of our freedom of religion. Catholics, representing the largest Christian religion, have not united as one in stopping their church from being forced to pay for contraceptives in their health insurance, and using some of the taxes they collect from their employees to pay for abortions. The majority rules, isn't democracy wonderful? The majority voted for a continuation of high unemployment, large debts, high energy costs, low national security, and distribution of wealth. It was their right, and they exercised it.

To quote Albert Einstein, insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Or Thomas Gray: "Where Ignorance is bliss ‘tis folly to be wise."

Now that I am a member of a minority group I'm looking forward to some of the perks like affirmative action, etc. etc. WALLY BOYER



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