Illegal means what it says

Monday March 25, 2013

Regarding your front page story of March 17 about the illegal people in this country, shame on elected leaders for this ("Paths to citizenship lined with risks and rewards.")

First, let’s look at the definition of illegal for the dictionary-challenged. Illegal is contrary to the laws and statutes of the country punishable by arrest, trial and, if convicted, incarceration, fines or both.

Second, let’s look at the veterans’ issue. These people have sacrificed, fought and bled for this country only to come home to no job because an illegal has the job. It’s a shame there is even a need for Soldier On in Berkshire County.

Third, 700,000 Americans are homeless and 14 million are underemployed or have given up looking for work while we talk of legalizing illegal immigrants. Shame!




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