Impressed by Harris' performance

Wednesday September 5, 2012

As an independent title searcher for almost 30 years, I first became acquainted with Patsy Harris when she began title searching for several attorneys in Berkshire County. I soon discovered that Patsy encompassed the required perseverance to be an excellent title searcher and recommended her to several of my clients as the need arose.

In November of 2010, I accepted a position at the Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds. Although I had many years experience working with the recorded documents in the registry, I had no idea of all that the registry staff did to assist the attorneys, paralegals and public in assuring that the documents presented for recording were valid and accurate.

Since becoming an employee of the Registry of Deeds, I have witnessed the following: Attorneys and paralegals seek out the assistance of Patsy Harris to make sure the documents they want to record are valid and accurate; the patience and calmness Patsy exhibits with the public when they come in the Registry of Deeds with a legal question or issue that has caused them distress. In every instance they leave with either their problem solved or knowing what course of action to follow and that they had been given accurate information. As an assistant register, I have seen the competence Patsy has to manage inter-office differences in a way that makes everyone involved feel that they have been listened to and valued as employees, as well as the ability Patsy has in acknowledging when she doesn’t know the answer to a question, but knowing where to look for the answer.

Additionally, I have witnessed the passion Patsy Harris has for the position of register of deeds. She understands the importance of maintaining and preserving the land documents of Berkshire County to keep them an integral part of our history.

The register of deeds records, maintains and preserves the records for your homes and businesses -- most likely your most valuable assets. Please join me on Thursday in electing the next Berkshire Middle District register of deeds, Patsy Harris.




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