Inaccurate picture of Hamas, Fatah

Saturday December 1, 2012

On Nov. 28, on The Eagle op-ed page, Farah Stockman writes: "Hamas, a militant group in control of Gaza..." The U.S. has labeled Hamas a terrorist organization. Its charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Ms. Stockman misleads her readers when she deliberately sugarcoats her description of Hamas.

Later, Ms. Stockman writes: "The Fatah statehood bid at the U.N. this week is one of the last weapons in Mahmoud Abbas nonviolent arsenal." Abbas was the right-hand man of Yasser Arafat. Abbas approved many violent suicidal killings of Israeli civilians on buses and in cafés. Ms. Stockman deceives her readership by describing Abbas as a peace-loving man, who only wants to negotiate.

Her aim, as a media pundit, is to demonstrate a vast difference between Hamas as the bad guys and Fatah as the good guys. I hope Eagle readers are well informed and not that gullible.




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