Iran is concern, not U.S. politics

Friday September 28, 2012

On Page 2 of the Sunday Eagle of Sept. 23 is an article by an AP reporter from Jerusalem with the Headline: "Is PM (Netanyahu) meddling in U.S. politics?" The ayatollah, the prime minister and other leaders of the Islamic state of Iran have repeatedly called for the total annihilation of the state and people of Israel. Subhead:There is no separation of church and state in Iran. Shariah law and the written word of the Koran are what determines government policy and action. Even our U.S. is labeled the "Great Satan" and an enemy of Iran. We are all "infidels" in their eyes and deserve punishment, as written in the Koran.

The government of Israel’s first priority is to safeguard its people from nuclear destruction. American internal election year politics is not a significant concern of people faced with a growing existential threat to their survival by a nuclear bomb attack from Iran.




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