Israel, Pentagon benefit from turmoil

Monday September 24, 2012

The U.S. government, specifically the Pentagon (which holds the true reins of power in government) and its ally Israel, get quite a lot of mileage from a Middle East in constant turmoil. The Penta gon wants global dominance and Israel wants to have full control and occupation over Palestine, which means a tu mul tuous Middle East. And the whole world pays for their hegemonic desires. Without peace in Palestine the Middle East goes without peace; without peace in the Middle East the world goes without peace; without peace, our future is in jeopardy.

In order to realize the Zion ist goal of having the Jewish people in full possession of all of Palestine, or the Promised Land, early Jewish settlers engaged in the same terrorism that some Palestin ian groups are now using to fight for their freedom from Israeli oppression. For Israel to continue committing territorial theft on the West Bank and East Jeru salem, the violence of ethnic cleansing takes place: Palestin ians homes bulldozed for more settlements, roadblocks to make movement difficult; fenc es between farmers and their groves; and the ongoing harassment of all Pales tinians in many forms. This ethnic cleansing would be glaringly apparent -- unable to be camouflaged as self-defense and fighting terrorism, as it is today -- if the Middle East was calm and Palestinians weren’t aping terrorist tactics that were used by Jewish settlers last century.

The Pentagon is happy at the lack of peace in the Middle East because if that strategic region is not at peace then the world is not at peace. And if the word is not at peace then Americans can be frightened into thinking they need a huge and powerful military to protect them and their "interests," which are often government or corporate interests, and, hence, believe they need a bloated military budget and military bases in over 100 nations, poised to clamp down on anyone who dares take a stand against U.S. hegemony.

Is it coincidental that the U.S. government funds Israel’s destabilizing occupation of the West Bank with $10 billion annually and uses its permanent membership on the U.N. Security Council to protect Israel from the U.N. resolutions it ignores, allowing the nation to thumb its nose at the international community? With a Middle East in turmoil Israel has been able to carefully craft a public image of being a defenseless Jewish nation just trying to defend themselves from the Palestinians and Muslims, and, therefore is able to hide the territorial theft of Palestinian land. The Pen ta gon is able to hide its own de sire for dominance, on a global level, under the guise of merely protecting America from the wolves at the door.

It’s all fascism. It’s a desire for control hidden under false premises. The American and Israeli people, albeit the people of the world who all depend on the Middle East achieving peace, suffer from the desire for power of a few greedy people and groups.




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