It's the politicians who are entitled

Friday January 11, 2013

The way politicians use the word "entitlement" makes it seem wrong. But we are entitled to our Social Security. We have earned it by paying about 15 percent of each paycheck into it.

If these politicians had put it into a secure account (even if it only made 1 or 2 percent) there would be more than enough money to repay every working person their Social Security. There are many spouses who have paid into this fund but died before they were old enough to receive their benefits.

To me, the word "entitlement" as politicians use it pertains to them. They are part-time employees who get vacations, government cars, free gym use (in D.C.), travel expenses, special insurance and other benefits. Then they retire on our money with a full pension and health insurance.

My husband died young and I worked as soon as all of my children were in school. I receive $734 monthly in Social Security. Thank God I have a small pension. I’d like to see any politician live on what they think is appropriate for us.

I challenge every politician to live like most of the middle class population does for six months. This means Social Security, Medicare, their own car with expenses they pay for, a house with mortgage due, taxes and everyday expenses and emergencies. There is not one who would willingly put themselves in our shoes. They are so used to their "entitlements" they could not survive for six months.




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