John Seven: Both parties need to stop whining and start listening


NORTH ADAMS — It's only just recently that Republicans have truly come to understand what kind of revolt they have on their hands.

If they're releasing the full fury of Mitt Romney on Trump, things are getting serious. Wait, did I say serious? I meant sad. And desperate. Romney's a compromised block of wood and his finger wagging only demonstrates why some voters turn to Trump.

The Republican party has divided itself the way it divided the country. That's what it does best. It thought this was a containable revolt. Whoops. Every time they point out that dangerous goofs like creepy uncle Ted Cruz and needling twerp Marco Rubio are the official party choices, they drive voters further into Trump's embrace. Don't they realize that Cruz and Rubio contribute to why Trump is doing so well?

There's Kasich, of course, an invisible man who perks up now and then to whine that he's there.

Remember when Sarah Palin went rogue? Lots of Republicans enjoyed that. This is just the logical next step in the playbook. Trump also has the advantage of being the only recognizable human on the debate stage. You may not like him, but you can't help but admire the way he owns toads like Cruz and Rubio.

Still, mainstream Republicans can't stop whining about him. This astounding New York Times article well covers the party elite (, while the New Yorker documented the spectacle of voters dismayed by Trump the sinner (

Predictable endgame

After years of refusing to listen that conservatism as Republicans practice it currently is not only destructive, but self-destructive, the predicted endgame is playing out and Republicans are shocked to find out this endgame was predicted. Why didn't anyone tell them this was going to happen?

Oh, boo hoo. The party of self-sufficiency can't take responsibility for its own actions, and is being torn apart by a short-fingered vulgarian who wouldn't know self-sufficiency if it nested in his comb-over. Come on, Republicans, pull yourself up by your bootstraps! Quit your whining! Toughen up!

Smug Democrats are no better, blaming everything on the Republicans, but nothing on their inability to create a counter-narrative that matters. Trump voters are as failed by Democrats as they are Republicans. It's embarrassing that the elitist reaction of so many on the left is to mock them as stupid and refuse to look at their anger and why it exists. Just call them Nazis and feel smugly self-satisfied.

The liberal solution? "Please don't vote for Trump, please vote for one of the other monsters." Cruz and Rubio are probably more dangerous than Trump, with their ideological fervor and the party's support for. They will actually be able to get their hateful policies moving. And only in a mob like this could Kasich ever be considered the reasonable one.

No vote? No voice

Every time I hear Democrats rail on Trump followers, I am reminded of how few Democrats bothered to vote in the primaries this year, and who balk on their responsibility to vote in midterms, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy where they can endlessly moan about Republican control without doing the work required to stop it.

We all contribute to the culture that sustains Trump, and Trump is the creation of all of us. Though I don't like him, I can't blame an angry and frustrated populace from turning to the only choice they feel they have. His supporters are not stupid. They are angry, perhaps desperate. They are humans.

Democrats are facing their own version of the same with Sanders, it's time to start listening and stop mocking.

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