Josh Groban: New album more upbeat

Wednesday February 13, 2013

NEW YORK -- Josh Groban enjoyed singing sad songs about a breakup on his last album, 2010’s Rick Rubin-produced "Illuminations." So when the singer started recording his latest album, which is about another breakup, he changed his approach.

"I’m in a different place, different mindset and the same thing goes -- but I wanted the record to feel more energetic, more dynamic, more positive, more rhythmic and uplifting," he said.

"The last record, I was very proud of it, and it was a good record, but it was sad," he continued. "I was in a very, very tough place. I was going through a lot of changes in my life. I had gone through a really bad breakup. ... It felt like I was getting a lot of it out of my system lyrically and musically, so it was a little bit of a sadder record."

Groban doesn’t have Rubin by his side on "All That Echoes." Instead, he’s got Warner Bros. Records chairman and Green Day producer Rob Cavallo.

"For a guy who’s at the top of the label chain to also say, ‘Let’s take chances and let’s make music that just makes us feel really, really good’ was so impressive to me," Groban said of Cavallo.

Groban, who turns 32 this month, isn’t just building his musical resume: He’ll star as a failed rock band member working as a barista in the upcoming CollegeHumor indie comedy "Coffee Town," written and directed by "Arrested Development" writer Brad Copeland.


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