Kate Abbott: Beginnings and endings this summer


And as a beginning, we are launching a weekly element for the summer. The first will look ahead to next week's jazz ...

What's the best jazz concert you've ever been to in the Berkshires?

Let us know when and where, and who performed, and what you remember at:

@berkshiresweek on Twitter
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by noon on Monday, May 20.
Look for answers online and in May 23's Berkshires Week. We'll print them as space allows and ask a new question each week.

With sadness, I have to let you all know that the Daylights column in today's Berkshires Week will be our last. Sharon Smullen will be here, writing for us often -- I'm not letting her go, believe me. You will see Sharon all summer long, cheering for Bollywood, finding new ways to get children and contemporary music together, imagining fairy rooms into the gardens at the Mount.

Who else can fill me in on the Glaswegian (Scots) slang Tim Curry throws into his cameo as a magician in "Cranford" (linking "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and Victorian rural England for possibly the first time ever)? Who else will share gutsy behind-the-scenes stories about Miriam Margolyes (Mrs. Mingott in Martin Scorsese's film of "The Age of Innocence")? Who else has seen "The Master and Margarita" -- a play adapted from an anti-Soviet satirical novel -- astonishingly playing in Russian in 1970s Moscow?

Sharon, the talks we've had over sa'ag paneer and gulab jamun at the House of India have ranged from the BBC offices to Canadian hospital wards to Paris soirées to Bhangra dance, and they have always brought me to places I didn't expect, from directions I'd never have found. Your inside knowledge is a treat.

When the new Berkshires Week magazine begins for the summer -- next week, in time for Memorial Day weekend -- Sharon will pay tribute to Louis Armstrong with a story about a jazz concert at Arrowhead. She has kept an eye on jazz offerings here and reached a hand to a community of New Orleans musicians who have come here since Hurricane Katrina. She first told me that Charles Neville had come here with his saxophone.

So Sharon, thank you -- and let's have lunch soon.


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