Keep an eye out for moose, one was hit in Stockbridge


STOCKBRIDGE >> Police have confirmed that a moose was struck by a vehicle in town, but provided no further information.

The animal was reportedly struck within the town limits somewhere on Route 102.

No further information on the accident, including the time or potential injuries to humans, was available from Stockbridge Police. A dispatcher who answered the phone on Friday afternoon said Chief Darrell Fennelly was unavailable for comment, adding that the accident remained under investigation.

This is a dangerous time for both moose and drivers in Massachusetts, according to Marion Larson, chief of Public Affairs at the Massachusetts Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife. September to October is mating season for moose, she said.

"They cross roads and they aren't afraid of cars or trucks," she said. "They just keep crossing."

So far, she said, there have been 19 moose-car collisions in Massachusetts, she said. Last year, there were 26.

Most moose have dark coats that make them nearly invisible at night, she said.

The other issue is that adult moose are often over six feet tall.

"So there's often no eye shine to alert drivers," said Larson. "Their eyes are too high off the ground to reflect headlights."

Larson estimated there are anywhere from 1,000 to 1,100 moose in the Commonwealth. Adult moose weight up to 1,000 pounds. Most of the accidents involving moose take place in the Quabbin Reservoir area, but car-moose accidents are not unusual, she said.

If a driver sees a moose, the reasonable tactic is not to swerve, said Larson.

"If you can, stop," she said. "Because they won't stop or swerve. They'll just keep going."

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