Keep dogs leashed in Kennedy Park

Sunday June 17, 2012

I just got back from my daily walk in Lenox’s Kennedy Park. Today my daughter was riding her horse and I had my Jack Russell terrier on a leash. We were all meandering along enjoying the sunshine and the wonderful phlox which are now in full bloom when our reverie was rudely interrupted by a large yellow lab that came bounding around the corner behind us, landing on top of my jack. She immediately went into full attack mode, and the lab responded in kind. Fortunately my dog was on a leash so I was able to pull her loose and the other dog finally retreated to its owner who was fruitlessly calling from way back down the trail.

I thought it was all over when another black lab comes barreling around the same corner. This one goes past us and proceeds up the path barking at the horse. By that time my daughter had gotten off because of all the ruckus and she was able to calm the horse. As the owner of both dogs went by me I reminded her, and I admit I was upset at this point, that her dogs should be under control. Her response was to tell me that I was out of control! How much better if she had instead apologized and learned the lesson that her dogs should be leashed.

I know its nice to be able to let your dogs go in the park. If your dog is well trained enough so that it will come when it is called, no matter what, then fine, have at it. But please if you can’t control your dog off leash don’t let it go. Not only can it be dangerous for the dog and other park users but its so rude! Why should my nice walk be so upsettingly interrupted by two rambunctious, out of control animals?

The park is a public place to be shared and enjoyed by all, I shouldn’t have to be constantly on my guard for loose dogs and the havoc they cause.




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