Kevin Moran: What if Tom Brady was the president?


President Tom Brady?

Our good friend and colleague Bill Kole at Boston's Associated Press headquarters wrote late last week about that prospect.

"QG magazine asked its 2015 Man of the Year" — and, we interject, New England's No. 1 sports hero — "if he'd ever consider a run for the White House — or at least for governor of Massachusetts," Kole wrote.

While Brady deep-sixed that notion — "There is a 0.000 chance of me ever wanting to do that" — that hasn't "stopped New England fans from daydreaming," Kole wrote.

The story kicked off a bit of daydreaming amongst us in The Eagle newsroom as well: Were Brady president, who else in the Patriots organization could round out his cabinet? His closest advisers? Who'd be his chief of staff?

Courts reporter Bob Dunn weighed in first. Bill Belichick — The Patriots' famously tight-lipped and close-to-the-vest coach — would make the ideal press secretary, Dunn said.

For a chuckle, we tweeted that out to Mr. Kole who quickly responded with another pick: "Matt Patricia would be secretary of defense." Bingo on the Patriots defensive coordinator!

We're on to something.

Rob Gronkowski: Chief of staff. When they're in sync, Brady is as tight as one can be with the Pats' tight end.

David Andrews: Secretary to the president — a key, but under-the-radar role. If you don't have an appointment with President Brady, you'd first have to make it past the Patriots' center.

Julian Edelman: The wide receiver would undoubtedly be secretary of transportation. Why? Edelman's always driving the offense forward, according to Geoff Smith, The Eagle's digital sports editor.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Vice president? Why the question mark? We know he exists, but we're not sure we'd ever see the Patriots' backup quarterback in action.

Danny Amendola: When it comes to punt and kickoff returns, he's the few, the proud and he always brings 'em back — yeah, this guy would be commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Malcolm Butler, cornerback: The man who rescued the Patriots' Super Bowl dynasty from the brink of disaster in February gets the job as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security — without a doubt, according to our Geoff Smith.

LeGarrette Blount: This running back (who leads the team in rushing yards) would be the aide in charge of carrying the "nuclear football," the briefcase that carries the nation's top-secret atomic missile launch codes.

Jamie Collins, Patrick Chung, Dont'a Hightower: The team's top three in tackles get to bring down all the bad guys as heads of the FBI, ATF, and U.S. Marshals, respectively.

Stephen Gostkowski, kicker: Air Force chief of staff. You get it. Any questions?

Jim McNally, John Jastremski : The two guys who may or may not have deflated the footballs. Did they? Didn't they? The perfect pair for espionage? They're the fall guys. And they'd take one for the team. That's why they'd be perfect as directors of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, respectively.

Chandler Jones: This Patriots defenseman leads the team in sacks. Since he can blast through everyone's defenses and bring down heads of states, he'll lead Special Operations Command and direct Seal Team 6.

Robert Kraft: The Patriots owner. The omniscient one. The bank roll. It's a tough call as to where he'd fit in a Brady administration. Dunn suggests Treasury secretary.

But someone else suggested a transcendent role. Pope, perhaps?

Kevin Moran is the editor of The Berkshire Eagle. Follow him on Twitter, @iamberkshire.


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