Kitchen hacks: Four things you can freeze

Red or white?

Don't waste leftover wine

First off, we know we're making a big assumption that you even have "leftover wine." But let's just say for some crazy reason you do — instead of tossing it, pour it into empty ice-cube trays and freeze it in small batches that you can later use for cooking. Cheers!

Bake it

Put your cookie dough on ice

Next time you make a batch of homemade cookies, double it and freeze the rest. You'll thank yourself later when you just have to have a cookie but don't have the time to scoop and measure. Freeze in individual scoops so you can just bake one or two ... or four. No judging here.


Just pop it in the toaster

If you don't finish that Lumberjack stack of pancakes, freeze the golden breakfast item for another wake-up call. Simply take out the frozen pancake — this can work beautifully for waffles and French toast too — and pop them in the toaster to heat back up.

Italian dishes

Finally, a way to keep the paste

Almost every recipe that calls for tomato paste only needs a tablespoon or two, which leaves you with almost full can of the stuff. Stop throwing it out! Instead, freeze the leftover paste in empty ice cube trays and pop out and just toss in whatever dish you are making.


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