Krol program is fair, benefits city

Tuesday May 22, 2012

I'm writing in response to Jim Gleason's May 19 letter calling for the removal of City Councilor John Krol's radio show on WTBR, citing a conflict of interest violation. This issue was put to bed years ago when Krol sought an opinion from the state Ethics Com mission, and the commission's determination of no conflict is on file at City Hall. Not surprisingly, many city councilors and mayors have produced local public access shows in Pittsfield.

I also think Mr. Gleason exaggerates Krol's use of the Good Morning Pittsfield radio show to advance a personal political agenda. The vast majority of his guests are organizations and student groups that use the show to promote themselves. Krol does host journalists, elected officials, and pundits to discuss local issues but many of these guests provide a counterpoint to his views and the result is a discussion that is both informative and interesting. For this reason, Krol welcomes guests with differing opinions. No one is turned down.

I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Gleason consider being a guest on Good Mor ning Pittsfield instead of putting his energy into trying to kill a program that benefits the community.




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