Laura Lofgren: One moment begins legacy for a lifetime


The words "wedding" and "engagement" and "spring" have been getting thrown around a lot lately.

Promises of everlasting love and warm weather have been on the tips of many people's tongues, with some truth behind the former more so than the latter.

The weird snowstorm Tuesday that caused roadway accidents and groans that could be heard for miles happened on a day where one of my dear friends, whom I've grown to love out here in the Berkshires, decided to finally bite the bullet and propose to his lady of several years.

Last night, post-springtime snow, this gentleman gathered his family and friends in North Adams at a place where everybody knows his name -- not Cheers -- and quickly revealed a more detailed plan of how he was going to propose to his girlfriend.

At the American Legion, people were told to follow and file into the dining hall, where this unsuspecting woman was playing Pitch. Nervously, with a tenor and decibel level he seldom uses, the man thanked the crowd for coming, got down on one knee and put a gorgeous ring on the finger of one willing lady.

She said yes. There were tears, there were cheers and there were Jell-O shots for all!

I've never been privy to anyone's engagement plans, and I have to say I was obnoxiously excited to be a part of such an event.

I took pictures. My eyes welled up. I made jokes to my boyfriend about putting a ring on it soon. We all drank and conversed and speculated about the now-upcoming wedding of two wonderful people.

It hit me early on that as I get older, I can expect more of this, which is absolutely

There will be more wedding invites, more special engagement parties and more love. Couples will announce to the world that they are in love and willing to commit to one another for a lifetime.

I don't want to brag, but I think the people I know actually mean what they say and their marriages will last for a good long time.

Families will join forces to create what can only be called a legacy. Babies will be made and born to continue that legacy. Couples will grow old while trying to change the world with their thoughts and opinions.

It's a crazy cycle that wasn't exactly clear until Tuesday night when that man mustered the courage to ask the woman he has loved for so long now to commit to a legacy. Their families were both there, congratulating one another, welcoming all to the family.

With purses falling off shoulders, sincere hugs were shared, and I could see that these people were a warm, inviting bunch who loved the two lovebirds all their lives. I could see they thought it was a long time coming for my friend to pop the question.

It'll be another journey to plan the wedding, but Tuesday night's proposal was a truthful, whole moment that lasted only a few short minutes, but will be remembered for lifetimes to come.

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