Leaf-peeper hotline snafu fixed


Anyone pulling the number for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism from the website leafpeepers.com found themselves dialing a number not at all associated with innocent leaf-peeping, but with phone sex.

In a pull-down menu on the site's main page, 1-800 hotline numbers for all 50 states are listed for leaf-peepers to call and get information on area foliage.

Unfortunately, numbers for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism from the website were transposed, leading callers instead to an explicit phone sex line.

"Sadly, that number has been there for about a year or two," said Steven Kelley, who runs the website out of Kennebunk, Maine, and was oblivious to the goof.

"It's really unfortunate," he said.

Kelley said leafpeepers.com continues to drive more and more site visits each year, but had only learned of the Massachusetts hotline mix-up Friday evening.

He replaced the number for the Massachusetts' hotline on the website with the correct number on Saturday.

"If I was associated with [Massachusetts Office and Travel and Tourism hotline], I'd really consider changing it if it's that close," Kelley said. "I'm probably not the first person to make the mistake, and I doubt I'll be the last. Even if I correct this mistake, it's easy to transpose the numbers in your mind."

Representatives with the the office refused to comment on the mix-up, but said they would follow up with leafpeepers.com to ensure the correct number was listed. Their office number is 1-800-227-6277.


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