Leap into the dance: National Museum of Dance welcomes Andrew Devries


LENOX -- Among new exhibits this year, the National Museum of Dance will welcome "Homage to Dance: Sculptures and Drawings by Andrew DeVries." This exhibition will showcase 40 masterworks in bronze as well as 20 pastel drawings by Andrew DeVries of Lenox.

DeVries began his career as an artist sketching dancers in 1978 at a ballet studio in Denver, Colo., during studio rehearsals and classes.

He has had many bronzes exhibited internationally and in private and public collections in five continents.

His work displays an acute awareness of dance technique, expression, and human anatomy, as well as a deep understanding of the bronze art form itself. His pastels are drawn using life models from world renowned companies and individual dancers with a vibrant color palette.

Assistant Director Sarah Hall Weaver, who selected the exhibit explained, "Welcoming Andrew DeVries to the National Museum of Dance is particularly exciting because I've been looking for a three dimensional fine art exhibition for several years but felt strongly that it had to be the right one at the right time. It was important to find work that was powerful and well crafted, but that also understood dance and could find purpose in dance. Andrew's work breathes life and motion into these heavy, bronze forms. The viewer instinctively understands the body and the path of motion that moment is taken from. You can see the leap that the dancer landed from, or the turn she is stepping into."

For more information on this event and others in conjunction with this exhibit, visit www.dancemuseum.org.

For more information about Andrew DeVries' sculpture and drawing, visit www.andrewdevries.com.


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