Leash law is not being enforced

Saturday May 4, 2013

I have a small dog, five pounds at the most. Each day when we walk in our neighborhood unleashed dogs approach us. Some owners are present, and some are in their back yards or houses out of sight. Is there not a leash law in place for a reason?

We were recently approached by a couple walking a larger dog and as their dog got closer to mine, they said "Oh, he’s friendly." I asked if he was on a leash and was told the leash was in the man’s pocket. I am not OK with this. Unleashed dogs have crossed the street in the middle of traffic to get to my dog. Aren’t their owners concerned of possible injury to their pet?

Even if they think they have control over their animals, I have to challenge that. If that were true, their dogs wouldn’t run right up to myself and my dog each and every time.

I am concerned that the leash law is not being enforced, and I witness that every single day. We walk in the Bartlett and Pomeroy Avenue areas. In addition, some owners are not cleaning up after their dogs anymore either. These issues needs to be addressed.




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