Lebanon Valley Speedway: Andy Bachetti wins Big Block Modifieds feature


WEST LEBANON, N.Y. -- Andy Bachetti had to let out a sigh of relief Saturday night, after he took the checkered flag to win the Big Block Modifieds feature race at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

Bachetti was on the front row when the green flag dropped and took the early lead. While several drivers, including Brett Hearn, Donnie Corellis and J.R. Heffner, battled to stay with the leader, Bachetti maintained the lead for all 30 laps to get the win.

Corellis passed Kenny Tremont late in the race to finish second. As Tremont faded, Hearn made a late charge to finish third, followed by Heffner and Tremont.

In the Small Block Modified, it was Frank Hoard III who took the early lead. His chance to pull away from the field was hampered by some early cautions.

Then on the eighth lap, Tyler Dippel passed Hoard as the yellow turned green and held on for the final 12 laps to get the victory. Hoard finished second while Wayne Jelley took third.

The 25-lap Jim Langenback Memorial Pro Stock Shootout had Daniel Sanchez taking the lead on the green flag.

A couple of cautions later, there was some three-wide racing with Sanchez, Rob Yetman and Frank Twing. Yetman and Sanchez had a little bit of contact, which enabled Twing to pass them and take the lead.

At the checkered flag, Twing was followed by Sanchez and Yetman.

Up next at the Speedway is the $17,500 Mr. DIRT Track USA 100-lap super DIRTCar Series event Thursday night.


Thermo Control Wood Boilers Big Block Modified Feature (30 laps) -- 1. Andy Bachetti, 2. Donnie Corellis, 3. Brett Hearn, 4. J.R. Heffner, 5. Kenny Tremont Jr., 6. Kolby Schroder, 7. Keith Flach, 8. Kyle Sheldon, 9. Bobby Hackel, 10. Rob Pitcher, 11. Paul Gilardi, 12. Mike King, 13. Wayne Figler, 14. Kyle Hoffman, 15. Kyle Armstrong, 16. Brian Berger, 17. Matt Pupello. DNS Dave McFeeters.

Small Block Modified Feature (20 laps) -- 1. Tyler Dippel, 2, Frank Hoard III, 3. Wayne Jelley, 4. Brett Haas, 5. Frank Harper, 6. Alan Houghtaling, 7. Chad Jesseo, 9. Jason Herrington, 9. Brian Sandstedt, 10. Art Collins, 11. Ryan Darcy, 12. Chad Pierce, 13. Kenny Aaronsen Jr., 14. Olden Dwyer, 15, Mike Molloy. DNS Jason Tompkins.

Jim Langenback Pro Stock Memorial (25 laps) -- 1. Frank Twing, 2. Daniel Sanchez, 3. Rob Yetman, 4. Jon Routhier, 5. Chad Arsenault, 6. Jay Corbin, 7. Nick Hilt, 8. Victor Hopkins, 9. Hugh Page, 10. Robbie Speed, 11. Tom O'Connor, 12. Rick Duziak, 13. Chuck Towslee, 14. Milo Campbell, 15. Buddy Hencke, 16. Tony DeRose, 17. Chris Claus, 18. Chris Lunn. DNS John Denue.

Purestock 1 feature (8 laps) -- 1. Chris Streeter, 2. John Devine, 3. Dylan Fachini, 4. Jay Martin, 5. Zachery Seyerlein, 6. Richard Roger, 7. David Olds Jr., 8. Dennis O'Connor Jr., 9. Martina Martin, 10. Bob Brown, 11. Matt Cross, 12. Dave Stickles, 13. Larry Perez, 14. Shawn Perez.

Purestock 2 feature (8 laps) -- 1. Jason Meltz, 2. Scott Kilmer, 3. Bill Deak Jr., 4. Jesse Murphy, 5. Hunter Sanchez, 6. Richard Stickle, 7. Shawn Lancey, 8. Bill Deek, 9. Tim Thompson, 10. Joe Walcott, 11. Joe Chenail, 12. De-De Cross, 13. Harold Robitaille, 14. Wuggie Burdick.

Purestock 3 feature (12 laps) -- 1. Jeff Meltz, 2. Ray Hall Sr., 3. Gary O'Brien, 4. Jeff Meltz Sr., 5. Jeff Kreutzinger, 6. Bob Palmer, 7. Mike Eichstedt, 8. Clifford Booth, 9. Ed Hatch, 10. Doug Olds, 11. Steven LaRochelle, 12. Lou Ganczar, 13. Al Releya, 14. Dan Cote, 15. Scott Morris.

4-cylinder Single Cam feature (15 laps) -- 1. Jim Williams, 2. Brandon Ely, 3. Ian Relyea, 4. Don Curley, 5. Karen Verhagen, 6. Brandon Perry, 7. Gary Malloy, 8. James Street, 9. Nick Mokhiber, 10. Victoria Boyles, 11. Tim Meltz, 12. Andrew Bostwick, 13. Steve Burbank, 14. Jethro Rossan, 15. Victor Duncan Sr., 16. Stephen Cameron Jr., 17, Dan Colllins, 18. Chris Keller, 19. Nick McClendon.

4-cylinder Dual Cam feature (15 laps) -- 1. Kenny Stager, 2. Chris Vandeputte, 3. Mike Dianda, 4. Rick Hodges, 5. Kelly Duncan, 6. Shaun Stickle.


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