Lee graduates told to 'Live your dreams'


Photo Gallery | 2014 Lee Middle & High School Graduation

LEE -- The newest graduates of Lee Middle and High School will never fully achieve their dreams.

According to salutatorian Everett "Jack" Harding, his Class of 2014 at Lee High can expect a lifetime of "living their dreams."

"Often the pursuit of a dream is grueling, often it requires sacrifice ... not something that is a one-time achievement," he said during the school's commencement Saturday afternoon at Tanglewood in Lenox.

And living one's dream isn't just for the rich and famous.

"It's not just for the movie stars and professional athletes, but everyone who wakes up each morning looking forward to work, seeing the people they know ... excited and happy to work to keep the dream they have already worked so hard to keep alive," he added.

Harding's remarks came before hundreds of family, friends, school faculty and staff gathered to watch 82 Lee High School seniors receive their diplomas on a sunny, warm afternoon, under the Shed.

Valedictorian Maureen Feldman reminded her classmates dreams can -- and will -- often change.

"In this year alone, I have changed my dream profession at least three times and been wholeheartedly sure each time that it would make me happy ... if I could simply choose [one] and stick with it," she said.

Feldman noted changing dreams isn't a sign of failure, but to expect failure while chasing a dream.

"We will all fail a class or test, be fired from a great job, buy an expensive car that our budgets can only handle if it also functions as an apartment," she said. "If we make our true commitment to ourselves, we will never truly fail."

While graduation is the next step to living one's dream, Heamon Williams Jr. urged his fellow alumni to enjoy the path leading up to whatever success they find the rest of their lives.

"After all, nobody plays a sport just to go to the banquet [or] rehearses and memorizes for hours on end simply to receive applause," said the senior class speaker. "It is the road along the way that makes the end special."

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Lee High School Class of 2014

Renee Abbott, Nicole Belliveau, Jeremy Borges, Paul Boutiette, Brooke Bridagan, Caitlyn Briggs, Jonathan Brown, Rachel Carlino, Conor Clark, Sadie Clouser, Carol-Anne Conklin, Andrew Consolati, Matthew Consolati, Devin Cook.

Naomi Cosmus, Jalissa Costa, Cecilia Dewey, Kimberleigh Dorsett, Michael Eckert, Jared Fadding, Eric Farina, Maureen Feldman, Cameron Fera, Laura Forero, Cameron Forest, Emma Forget, Anna Fraser, Deaglan Giarolo, John Graziano.

Jessica Hanley, Everett Harding, Mary Cate Holmes, Samantha Hontas, Mackenzie Houghtlin, Samuel Hubbard, Chelsea Hurley, Barbara Jimenez, Ava Joy, Elizabeth Kastrinakis, Gurvinder Kaur, Rajkiran Kaur, Matty Kelley, Ryan Kohlenberger.

Daniel Konopka, Shane LaGrant, Julie LePrevost, Emmilyn MacNayr, Megan Martin, Erin McKeon, Amanda McLaughlin, Hannah Miller, Emma Miner, Katie Morin, Jake Newton, Angela Nikituk, Daniel O'Brien, Vinicius Onorato.

Bree-Anna Pelkey, Laura Perry, Jacob Provost, Kenneth Provost, Daniela Rodriguez, Karen Rodriguez, Harrison Sacco, Zachary Shepard, Morgan Sherman, Jake Simon, Katrina Snow, Jastine Somostrada, Justine Spare.

Aaron Tanner, Matthew Tietgens, Thomas Toomey, Kenneth Truden-Girardey, Eric Twing, Rocio Velis, Tori Wadsworth, Alexandra Wickham, Kayla Wickham, Heamon Williams, Jordan Williamson, Morgan Zukowski.

Lee High School Awards & Scholarships

Scholarship given in honor of Jackie Abbott's 80th birthday and in memory of Frances Carty: Megan Martin.

Vanessa Stone Memorial Scholarship: Deaglan Giarolo.

BRP Scholarship: Angela Nikituk.

Kelly Lyn Coty Scholarship Fund: Michael Eckert.

Martin Abderhalden & Mike Salinetti Scholarship Fund: Caitlyn Briggs, Jared Fadding.

The G. Marconi Lodge, Lee Sons of Italy Scholarship in memory of Deceased Members: Matthew Consolati, Amanda McLaughlin.

Marjorie Wickham Memorial Scholarship: Naomi Cosmus, Erin McKeon, Hannah Miller, Alexandra Wickham, Kayla Wickham.

Lee Education Association Scholarship in memory of Arthur Welcome: Megan Martin, Katie Morin, Brooke Bridagan, Morgan Zukowski.

Drs. Charles & James Stratton Memorial Scholarship: Emma Forget.

Tri Town Rotary Scholarship: Deaglan Giarolo.

Joe Maley Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Consolati.

Scholarship in Memory of Mark Drury given by the Applewynd Acres Tournament Teams: Ryan Kohlenberger.

Michael R. Coty Memorial Scholarship: Tori Wadsworth.

Andrew J. Bartini Memorial Scholarship: Morgan Zukowski.

Scholarship in Memory of William Winn Given by his Caring Friends: Anna Fraser.

Tyringham Volunteer Fire Co. Scholarship: Hannah Miller, Emma Miner.

Eugenio Bonafin Memorial Scholarship, Class of 1936: Ava Joy.

Country Curtains Spirit of Character and Community Scholarship: Erin McKeon.

Comalli Electric Scholarship in Memory of James Mougin and George Comalli: Angela Nikituk.

Scholarship in Memory of David Bailey: Rachel Carlino, Tori Wadsworth.

Scholarship in memory of classmates Michael Baluk, Mark Beam, Fred LaGrant, Dennis Pacquin, Dawn Cornock, Ashley Chaffee, Cathy Tucker Stauffer, Richard DuPont, Gary O'Brien, Robert V. Duby, David Heath and Timothy "Shep" Shepardson Sr. from the Class of 1972: Paul Boutiette.

Hank Greiner Memorial Scholarship: Jared Fadding.

Scholarship in Memory of Mario Bona: Jacob Provost.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarship Fund: Hannah Miller.

Lee Retired Educators Scholarship: Megan Martin, Morgan Zukowski.

Scholarship in Memory of John J. Nagle: Ryan Kohlenberger.

Joanne M. Keiderling Memorial Scholarship: Megan Martin.

Class of 1977 Scholarship in memory of classmates Catherine Baldiserotto, John Killackey, Bernice Hood Perry, Robert Heath, Susan Allen Gerard, and Thomas J. Salice: Renee Abbott, Deaglan Giarolo, Laura Perry, Heamon Williams.

Hop Brook Community Club of Tyringham Scholarship: Hannah Miller.

Lee Lions Club Scholarship: Morgan Sherman.

Kiwanis Club of Lee Inc. Scholarships: Julie LePrevost.

Joseph Lostrangio Scholarship Fund: Jastine Somostrada.

Lee Central Volunteer Fire Co. Scholarship: Deaglan Giarolo.

Stedman Myers Memorial Fund Scholarship: Emma Miner.

Pease Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Kastrinakis.

Mary Voght Memorial Scholarships: Maureen Feldman, Everett Harding, Laura Forero, Caitlyn Briggs, Julie LePrevost, Alexandra Wickham, Emma Forget, Jessica Hanley, Erin McKeon, Heamon Williams.

Minnie L. Baird Scholarship in Memory of Lena Beal: Maureen Feldman, Everett Harding.

Lee Community Tennis Association's Claire "Bunnie" Lahey Scholarship: Everett Harding, Andrew Consolati, Caitlyn Briggs, Julie LePrevost.

Scholarship in Memory of Richard Morin: Paul Boutiette.

Dorothy Wright Trufant - Class of 1937 Scholarship: Samantha Hontas.

Catherine A. Stauffer Memorial Scholarship: Harrison Sacco.

Greylock Federal Credit Union ‘Treat Everyone Better Than They Expect' Scholarship: Katrina Snow.

Scholarship in Memory of Joseph T. Loring Jr.: Cameron Fera.

Scholarship in Memory of Victor Blache: Andrew Consolati.

Great Barrington Fish and Game Club Scholarship in Memory of Jesse Townsend: Naomi Cosmus.

Scholarship in Memory of Heather Helen Hawley: Jastine Somostrada.

Scholarship in Memory of Harry Wheeler: Rajkiran Kaur.

Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Jessica Hanley.

Lee High School Scholarship in memory of Mary and Albert Vinatier: Maureen Feldman.

Theodore A. & David J. Zatorski Scholarship Fund: Samantha Hontas, John Graziano.

Ardella Donnell Memorial Award, Class of 1933: Jared Fadding.

Alba A. Pasco Memorial Scholarship: Samantha Hontas, Elizabeth Kastrinakis.

Class of 1968 Scholarship: Rachel Carlino.

Onyx Specialty Papers Inc. Scholarship: Morgan Zukowski.

Bob's Discount Furniture High School Heroes Scholarship Program: Laura Forero, Sadie Clouser, Samantha Hontas.

Austen Riggs Erikson Institute Scholarship: Morgan Sherman.

Meg Cade Memorial Scholarship: Megan Martin.

Richard C. Brunell Memorial Scholarship: Matty Kelley, Deaglan Giarolo, Matthew Consolati.

Evening Star Masonic Temple Scholarship: Hannah Miller.

Bruce and John Stevenson Memorial Scholarship: Heamon Williams.

Lee Town Players Scholarship in memory of Cora Carrington: Daniel O'Brien.

Lee High School Student Council Scholarships: Emma Forget, Katie Morin, Alexandra Wickham, Jessica Hanley, Everett Harding, Rachel Carlino, Julie LePrevost, Emma Miner.

Lee Historical Society Inc. Scholarship in Memory of Dolores I. Eckert and Marion M. Leach: Katie Morin.

The Forfa Family Scholarship given to a graduate who has participated in varsity basketball: Jared Fadding.

Dorothy Finnegan Award given to graduating seniors entering the teaching profession: Morgan Zukowski, Brooke Bridagan, Katie Morin.

Lee Chamber of Commerce, Joe Sorrentino Scholar-Athlete Award: Paul Boutiette.

Lee Chamber of Commerce, Lou DiGrigoli Community Service Award: Hannah Miller.

Lee Chamber of Commerce, Marie Toole Academic Scholar Award: Heamon Williams.

Five Mile Smile Scholarship in memory of Regina Brazee and Carl Langenback: Amanda McLaughlin, Deaglan Giarolo.

Lee High School Band Parents Scholarships: Erin McKeon, Daniel O'Brien, Anna Fraser, Emmilyn MacNayr, Hannah Miller, Alexandra Wickham, Katrina Snow, Everett Harding, Maureen Feldman, Brooke Bridagan, Andrew Consolati, Jacob Provost, Gurvinder Kaur, Sadie Clouser, Megan Martin, Kayla Wickham.

Joseph C. Savery Scholarship Fund: Megan Martin.

Berkshire Taconic Foundation Judge James P. Dahoney Scholarship: Heamon Williams, Emma Forget, Paul Boutiette.

Janice "Sissy" Curtin Scholarship: Paul Boutiette, Tori Wadsworth, Mary Cate Holmes, Emma Forget, Brooke Bridagan, John Graziano, Hannah Miller, Katie Morin, Julie LePrevost.

Otis Town Scholarship: Angela Nikituk, Ava Joy, Naomi Cosmus.

Academic Scholarship given by Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hall Sr. in Memory of Connie Boynton: Caitlyn Briggs.

Academic Scholarship given by Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hall Sr. in Memory of John E. Corbitt: Morgan Zukowski.

Robert Lucy Memorial Scholarship: Caitlyn Briggs, Paul Boutiette.

Class of 1978 Scholarship in Memory of Deceased Class Members: Anna Fraser.

Timothy Shepardson Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Matty Kelley.

Peter D. Fraser Jr. Memorial Scholarship given in loving memory from his children Amanda, Anna and Maryemma: Matthew Tietgens, Jacob Provost.

Frank P. Consolati Junior Lodge - Order Sons of Italy in appreciation for their involvement in the Lodge: Andrew Consolati, Matthew Consolati, Julie LePrevost, Amanda McLaughlin.

Zonta Club of Berkshire County Young Women in Public Service Scholarship: Emma Forget.

Berkshire Community College Foundation General Scholarship: Rocio Velis.

Berkshire Community College Foundation Grace Hampel Scholarship: Vinicius Onorato.

Berkshire County Selectmen's Association Scholarship: Amanda McLaughlin.

Lee Youth Football Scholarship: Deaglan Giarolo.

Karen Reilly Memorial Scholarship: Harrison Sacco, Carol-Anne Conklin.

Scholarship in Memory of Marion Hawkey for Exemplary Kindness and Service to Others: Andrew Consolati, Bree-Anna Pelkey.

Scholarship provided by Fox Homes: Matty Kelley.

The Becket Scholarship Foundation: Justine Spare, Chelsea Hurley.


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