Lee High School Awards & Scholarships


Henry T. Zukowski Memorial Scholarship: Casey Blair & Devyn Olds.

John J. Boyne Memorial Scholarship: Casey Blair.

Vanessa Stone Memorial Scholarship: Karen Hernandez.

BRP Scholarship: Samuel Polastri.

The G. Marconi Lodge, Lee Sons of Italy Scholarship in memory of Deceased Members: Tyler Buratto, Alexander Consolati.

Marjorie Wickham Memorial Scholarship: Darby Curtin, Samantha Goyette, Karen Hernandez, Jordan Miller.

Marjorie Wickham Memorial Scholarship in memory of Hank Zukowski: Tyler Buratto, Alexander Consolati, Noah Johnson.

Drs. Charles & James Stratton Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Buratto.

Tri Town Rotary Scholarship: Alexander Consolati.

Joe Maley Memorial Scholarship: Devyn Olds.

Michael R. Coty Memorial Scholarship: Darby Curtin.

Andrew J. Bartini Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Buratto.

Scholarship in Memory of William Winn given by his Caring Friends: Jordan Miller.

Lee High School Student Council Scholarships: Jeffrey Brown, Sarah Winston, Alexander Consolati, Casey Blair, Rachel Adams, Amy Goss, Samantha Goyette, Megan Scapin.

Eugenio Bonafin Memorial Scholarship, Class of 1936: Jed DeVarennes.

Comalli Electric Scholarship in Memory of James Mougin and George Comalli: Samuel Polastri.

Scholarship in Memory of David Bailey: Darby Curtin.

Tyringham Volunteer Fire Company Scholarship: Darby Curtin, Jordan Miller.

Hank Greiner Memorial Scholarship: David Belanger.

Scholarship in Memory of Mario Bona: Zachary Wilson.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarship Fund: Samantha Touponce.

Lee Retired Educators Scholarship: Cayce Williams, Taylor Heath, Emily Donovan.

Scholarship in Memory of John J. Nagle: David Belanger.

Joanne M. Keiderling Memorial Scholarship: Molly Carlotto.

Class of 1977 in memory of our deceased class members: David Belanger, Michael Roosa, Joseph Sorrentino.

Hop Brook Community Club of Tyringham Scholarship: Jordan Miller.

Lee Lions Club Scholarship: Megan Scapin.

Kiwanis Club of Lee Inc. Scholarships: Tyler Buratto, Jordan Miller, Joseph Sorrentino, Michael Roosa.

Joseph Lostrangio Scholarship Fund: Sierra Palardy.

Lee Central Volunteer Fire Company Scholarship: Taylor Heath, Katherine Zatorski.

Pease Memorial Scholarship: Ana Vera Cruz.

Minnie L. Baird Scholarship in Memory of Lena Beal: Sierra Palardy, Sarah Winston.

Lee Community Tennis Association's Claire "Bunnie" Lahey Scholarship: Jed DeVarennes, Sarah Winston.

Scholarship in memory of Richard Morin: David Belanger.

Dorothy Wright Trufant Class of 1937 Scholarship: Edwin Hernandez.

Mary Voght Memorial Scholarships: Emily Donovan, Cayce Williams, Kate DelSignor, Sierra Palardy, Sarah Winston, Jeffrey Brown, Darby Curtin, Michael Roosa, Samuel Harding.

Great Barrington Fish and Game Club Scholarship in memory of Jesse Townsend: Samuel Polastri.

Scholarship in memory of Heather Helen Hawley: Noah Johnson.

Scholarship in memory of Harry Wheeler: Alexander Donovan.

Lee High School Scholarship in memory of Mary and Albert Vinatier: Emily Donovan.

Ardella Donnell Memorial Award, Class of 1933: Alexis Bridagan.

Alba A. Pasco Memorial Scholarship: Edwin Hernandez, Matthew Reynolds.

Class of 1968 Scholarship: David Belanger.

Austen Riggs Erikson Institute Scholarship: Ana Vera Cruz.

Meg Cade Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Buratto.

Richard C. Brunell Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Buratto, Molly Carlotto, Karen Hernandez.

Evening Star Masonic Temple Scholarship: Jordan Miller.

Bruce and John Stevenson Memorial Scholarship: Molly Carlotto.

Stedman Myers Memorial Fund Scholarship: Jordan Miller.

Lee Historical Society Inc. Scholarship in memory of Dolores I. Eckert and Marion M. Leach: Emily Donovan.

The Forfa Family Scholarship given to a graduate who has participated in varsity basketball: Matthew Reynolds.

Dorothy Finnegan Award given to graduating seniors entering the teaching profession: Cayce Williams.

Lee Chamber of Commerce, Joe Sorrentino Scholar-Athlete Award: Devyn Olds.

Lee Chamber of Commerce, Lou DiGrigoli Community Service Award: Jordan Miller.

Lee Chamber of Commerce, Marie Toole Academic Scholar Award: Kate DelSignor.

Lee Education Association Scholarship in memory of Arthur Welcome: Emily Donovan, Cayce Williams.

Janice "Sissy" Curtin Scholarship: Tyler Buratto, Darby Curtin, Jed DeVarennes, Emily Donovan, Taylor Heath, Noah Johnson, Jordan Miller, Devyn Olds, Cayce Williams.

Academic Scholarship given by Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hall Sr. in memory of Ethel Noonan: Cayce Williams.

Berkshire High School Bowling Scholarships: Morgan Powers, Jeffrey Brown, Joseph Sorrentino.

Robert Lucy Memorial Scholarship: Katherine Zatorski, Devyn Olds.

Peter D. Fraser Jr. Memorial Scholarship given in loving memory from his children Amanda, Anna and Maryemma: Thomas Jordan.

Frank P. Consolati Junior Lodge - Order Sons of Italy in appreciation for their involvement in the Lodge: Megan Scapin, Alexander Consolati, Tyler Buratto.

Lee Youth Football Scholarship: Tyler Buratto.

Karen Reilly Memorial Scholarship: Alexis Bridagan, Samantha Sperlonga, Joshua Sampson, Brodie Cook, Thomas Jordan.

The Marion Hawkey Scholarship for noteworthy service and kindness to others: Jed DeVarennes, Cayce Williams.

The Becket Scholarship Foundation: Samuel Polastri, Morgan Powers.

Lee Land Trust Science Scholarship: David Belanger.

South Lee Fire Co. Scholarship: Karen Hernandez.

James A. Maroni Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Heath.

Berkshire Taconic Foundation James P. Dohoney Scholarship: Sierra Palardy.

Berkshire Community College Grace S. Hampel Scholarship: Jed DeVarennes.

Lee High School Band Parents Scholarships: Jeffrey Brown, Molly Carlotto, Darby Curtin, Caitlyn Gooley, Amy Goss, Karen Hernandez, Jordan Miller, Sierra Palardy, Morgan Powers, Megan Scapin, Sarah Winston.

The Alan Wurtzbach Memorial Award: Amber Shove, Hunter Jackson.

Catherine A. Stauffer Memorial Scholarship: Cayce Williams.

Scholarship in memory of Victor Blache: David Belanger.

Greylock Federal Credit Union "Treat Everyone Better Than They Expect" Scholarship: Casey Blair.

Scholarship in Memory of Mark Drury given by the Applewynd Acres Tournament Teams: Samuel Polastri.

Scholarship in memory of classmates Michael Baluk, Mark Beam, Fred LaGrant, Dennis Pacquin, Dawn Cornock, Ashley Chaffee, Cathy Tucker Stauffer, Richard DuPont, Gary O'Brien, Robert V. Duby, David Heath and Timothy "Shep" Shepardson, Sr. from the Class of 1972: Tyler Buratto.

Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Rachel Adams.

Cakewalk Bakery & Café Scholarship in memory of Michael J. Forzano: Jordan Miller.

Scholarship in Memory of Mr. Henry T. Zukowski from the Class of 1965: Edwin Hernandez.

Scholarship from the Class of 1965 in memory of Deceased Class Members: Kihara Guzman.

Academy Garden Club Scholarship: Casey Blair.


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