Lee: Temporary school records set for destruction


In accordance with state regulations, the temporary records of students who graduated from Lee High School in 2007 will be destroyed in the coming months.

The regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Education specify that the temporary record of any student shall be destroyed after the student graduates, transfers or withdraws from school.

The temporary record includes original items maintained in the Guidance Office, Special Education Office and Health Office such as individual educational plans, test results, Team evaluation materials, evaluations by teachers, counselors or other school staff and health records.

The temporary records do not include the school transcript which contains grades, course titles, credits, grade level and the year completed. The transcript is maintained by the Guidance Department for a minimum of 60 years.

Former students who wish to review their temporary record, and/or receive the school’s original and sole copy of the above documents prior to destruction, should call the Guidance Office at (413) 243-2780, ext. 2009, or the Special Education Office at (413) 243-9715 by Aug. 9.


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