Lee’s Haley Bowers, Lenox’s Tucker McNinch handle the heat in cross country


PITTSFIELD -- It was an unusually humid September day in the Berkshires, as teams from the North and South competed in cross country.

The meet Wednesday was held at Berkshire Community College, and hydration was a big key for teams during the meet. Taconic coach Michael Menard said runners could not focus on the weather.

"It was a challenge, but the weather is the weather. I told them that they had to hydrate through the course of the day and we didn’t do too much of a warm-up before the meet," Menard said.

"It’s all about staying relaxed when you’re out there. When you’re running its easier to let the temperature and weather affect what you’re doing."

The Lenox girls handled the heat well, as the Millionaires placed eight in the top-10: Ella King (second), Alice Najimy (third), Katie McNinich (fourth), Grace Ellrodt (fifth), Maggie Sorrentino (sixth), Isabelle Conlon (eighth), Lindsay Belair (ninth), and Alice Huth (10th).

Overall, however, it was Haley Bowers of Lee who finished first during the race with a time of 21 minutes, 47 seconds. King and Najimy of Lenox finished behind Bowers with times of 21:54 and 22:00 respectively.

Bowers said practice and the encouragement of coach Art Riley allowed her to battle the heat and maintain her steady pace.

"[Heat] didn’t really bother me because we run in the heat a lot during practice," Bowers said. "My coach Mr. [Art] Reilly, he’s around every corner pushing me to do better and telling me to lengthen my stride. He’s really encouraging."

The Lee girls lost their head-to-head matchups during the meet to Taconic and Drury.

The Lenox girls won their matchup against Taconic.

Taconic won its race against Drury. Kelsey Magri was the highest finisher for the Braves with a time of 23:45. Tia Brown was the highest scorer for Drury with a time of 27:10.

The boys meet finished with another good showing for Lenox. Tucker McNinch was the top finisher for the Millionaires with a time of 16:51. McNinch said he was ready for the heat.

"I had about 10 bottles of water throughout the day. So my main goal was to stay hydrated so I wouldn’t be bad during the race," McNinch said.

McNinch also credited his teammates for pushing him and providing support during the race.

Behind McNinch was Matt Rabasco of Taconic and Sam Darby of Lenox with times of 17:38 and 19:19 respectively.

Overall Lenox placed seven runners in the top-10: Casey Najimy (fourth), Philippe Mortelliti (fifth), Eric Lomaglio (eighth) and Connor McNinch (ninth) and won its matchups against Taconic and Drury. Taconic defeated Lee, and Lee defeated Drury.

Mount Greylock did not compete because students were dismissed early from school due to slippery floors caused by the humidity.


Boys team scores

Lenox 21, Taconic 37

Lenox 15, Drury 50

Taconic 18, Lee 39

Lee 15, Drury 50

Top 25 Finishers

1. Tucker McNinch (L), 16:51; 2. Matt Rabasco (T), 17:38; 3. Sam Darby (L), 18:26; 4. Chris Najimy (L), 19:19; 5. Philippe Mortelliti (L), 19:23; 6. Quinton Cookis (T), 19:33; 7. Nick Turner (T), 19:44; 8. Eric Lomaglio (L), 19:54; 9. Connor McNinch (L), 19:57; 10. Trevor Pelkey (T), 20:03; 11. Michael Merwin (Lee), 20:26; 12. Casey Blair (Lee), 20:27; 13. Sam Harding (Lee), 21:05; 14. David Conlon (L) 21:09; 15. Alex Carusotto (T), 21:29; 16. Andrew Conlon (L), 21:42; 17. Raphael Bruno (L), 22:04; 18. Jack Harding (Lee), 22:05; 19. Steve Davilla (T), 22:20; 20. Robert Mottley (T) 22:44; 21. John Collingwood (L), 22:59; 22. Tlyer Pudlo (T), 23:00; 23. Evan Kalinowsky (T), 23:14; 24. Brian Hassett (T) 23:24; 25. Steve Witkowski (T), 23:28.

Girls team scores

Lenox 15, Taconic 48

Taconic 19, Drury 38

Taconic 20, Lee 40

Drury 26, Lee 31

Top 25 Finishers

1. Haley Bowers (Lee), 21:47; 2. Ella King (L), 21:54; 3. Allice Najimy (L), 22:00; 4. Katie McNinich (L), 22:08; 5. Grace Ellrodt (L), 22:47; 6. Maggie Sorrentino (L), 23:32; 7. Kelsey Magri (T) 23:45; 8. Isabelle Conlon (L), 23:54; 9. Lindsay Belair (L) 24:00; 10. Alice Huth (L), 24:05; 11. Bailey Stokes (T), 24:11; 12. Annie Fielding (L), 25:17; 13. Teresa Carotenuto (L), 25:39; 14. Karli Manship (T), 25:45; 15. Maria Giacolleto (L), 26:19; T-16. Renae Carotenuto (L), Marian Huth (L) 26:24 18. Tia Brown (D) 27:10; 19. Cat Marcea (D), 27:11; 20. Taylor Gironi (D), 21. Meg Benoit (D), 27:17; T-22. Rachael Tynan (T), Carli Scolforo (T), 28:46; 24. Anne Macchi (Lee) 29:58; 25. Anouk Jolly (L) 30:01.


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