Lenox Awards & Scholarships


Valedictorian: Grace Ellrodt.

Salutatorian: Sydney King.

Summa Cum Laude Awards: Cameron Abderhalden, Alessandra Arace, Emma Brooks, Renae Carotenuto, Kevin Coakley, Grace Ellrodt, Jack Ellrodt, Quincy Els, Annie Fielding, Matthew Gilbert, Matthew Heppleston, Austin Jakacky, Sydney King, Charles Novitsky, Henrik Palmer, Jackson Reis, Cami Smachetti, Emily Tibbetts.

Academy Garden Club of Lenox: Emily Tibbetts.

Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Austin Jakacky.

Al Bianchi Football Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden.

Allen R. & Lois H. Sykes Scholarship: Tyler Coon.

American Red Cross: Cami Smachetti.

Austen Riggs/Erikson Institute Scholarship: Jack Ellrodt.

Berkshire County Football Referees Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden.

Better Business Bureau Barbara J. Sinnott Scholarship: Jackson Reis.

Big Y: Jackson Reis.

Burger King: Matthew Gilbert.

Coach Joseph Michaelski Award: Patrick Colvin.

Cooperative Credit Union Association: Cameron Abderhalden.

Custodians Appreciation Award: Benjamin Collins, Lily Daoust, Caitlin Doherty, John Fontaine, Austin Jakacky, Elizabeth Jarck, Mareson Yates.

Daniel Pearl Journalism Scholarship: Sydney King.

Dennis & Annemarie Duffin Arts Scholarships: Connor McNinch.

Esther Samuels & Mabel Cornman Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden.

Eugene J. Mackey Jr. Book Awards: Grace Ellrodt, Henrik Palmer.

Frank Consolati Junior Lodge # 1910 Order of the Sons of Italy of America: Cameron Abderhalden.

Greylock Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Kevin Coakley.

The Honorable Judge James P. Dohoney: Quincy Els, Emma Brooks, Gabrielle Straight, Henrik Palmer.

James Hurley Scholarship: Quincy Els, Emma Ingalls.

James Herrick Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden, Kevin Coakley, Patrick Colvin, Tyler Coon, Matthew Heppleston, Emily Tibbetts.

Jamie Fund Scholarship: Gabrielle Straight.

Janice "Sissy" Curtin Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden, Emma Brooks.

Jeanette B. Nielsen Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Jarck.

Jo Ann Magee Scholarship: Grace Ellrodt.

John D. Barrett Memorial Scholarship: Henrik Palmer.

Judy Peters Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden.

Kiwanis Club of Pittsfield: Cameron Abderhalden.

Lee Gridiron – Football Booster Club Scholarship: Matthew Heppleston.

Lenox Ambulance Squad Scholarship: Matthew Gilbert, Alicia Herrera Gomez, Jackson Reis.

Lenox Community Center Jane P. Layton Leader's Club Scholarship: Kevin Coakley, Jackson Reis.

Lenox Fire Company Oscar Hutchinson Memorial Scholarships: Patrick Colvin, Tyler Coon, Jackson Reis, Cami Smachetti.

Lenox General Fund Scholarships: Cameron Abderhalden, Raphael Bruno, Annemarie Carpenter, Kevin Coakley, Patrick Colvin, Tyler Coon, Emily Czelusniak, Quincy Els, Annie Fielding, Hugo Hale, Emma Ingalls, Sydney King, Connor McNinch, Katherine Mitts, Charles Novitsky, Jackson Reis, Lucy Schwartz, Cami Smachetti, Gabrielle Straight, Emily Tibbetts.

Post Graduates Lenox Scholarships: Collin Abderhalden, Hollie Downer, Bailey Fielding, Jack Haskell, Leah Haskell, Eric Lomaglio, Michelle Messana, Katelyn Monteleone, Delaney Moran, Annabella Schilling, Emily Sorrentino, Sierra Stemp, Taylor Tranfaglia, Hayden Zinchuk.

Lenox Memorial Baseball Booster Club: Patrick Colvin, Tyler Coon, Jack Ellrodt, John Fontaine, Emerson Wolski.

Lenox Memorial Basketball Booster Club: Cameron Abderhalden, Kevin Coakley, Patrick Colvin, Jack Ellrodt, Matthew Heppleston, Thomas Hedges, Brieanna LaChance, Thomas Reynolds.

Lenox Youth Basketball Scholarship: Kevin Coakley, Patrick Colvin, Tyler Coon, Jack Ellrodt.

Lenox Memorial Cross Country Running Booster Club Scholarships: Raphael Bruno, Grace Ellrodt, Annie Fielding, Elizabeth Jarck, Connor McNinch, Emily Tibbetts.

Lenox Memorial Nordic Ski Club Scholarships: Renae Carotenuto, Grace Ellrodt, Annie Fielding, Charles Novitsky, Henrik Palmer.

Lenox Memorial Soccer Booster Club Scholarship: Alessandra Arace, Thomas Hedges, Charles Novitsky, Henrik Palmer, Emerson Wolski.

Lenox Police Association Anthony J. Salvatore Sr. Award: Kevin Coakley.

Lenox Police Association David Lane Scholarship: Cami Smachetti.

Lenox Police Association Donald Maguire Award: Patrick Colvin.

Lenox Police Association Donald Mann Award: Annemarie Carpenter.

Lenox Police Association James Sorrentino Award: Connor McNinch.

Lenox Police Association John "Bert" O'Brien Award: Sydney King.

Lenox Police Association Richard E. O'Brien: Tyler Coon.

LMMHS Wellness Scholarship: Matthew Gilbert.

Mark Huber Basketball Scholarship: Patrick Colvin.

Martin Abderhalden, Michael Salinetti Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden.

Michael Hedges Scholarship: Henrik Palmer.

Nicholas Boraski Scholarship: Emma Brooks.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank: Alessandra Arace.

Robert S. Tillotson and Marion Ferguson Tillotson Scholarship: Renae Carotenuto, Benjamin Collins, Lily Daoust, Caitlin Doherty, Brieanna LaChance, Thomas Reynolds.

Sons of Italy - Grand Lodge - Elizabeth Cipolla Memorial: Cameron Abderhalden.

St. Ann's Parish Scholarships: Cameron Abderhalden, Raphael Bruno, Charles Novitsky.

St. Vincent de Paul Parish Scholarships: Patrick Colvin, Tyler Coon.

Tim Shepardson Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden.

Town of Becket Scholarship: Emerson Wolski.

Town of Washington: Mareson Yates.

Tri-Town Rotary Scholarship: Cameron Abderhalden.

VFW Post 12079 Award: Annemarie Carpenter, Katherine Mitts.

VFW Post 12079 Academic Award: Emily Tibbetts.


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