Let women run, and save, society

Sunday April 7, 2013

The concerns Wally Boyer has about the future of civilization (letter, March 31) encouraged me to consider the problem and offer the following remedies.

Ninety percent of all elected officials and judicial appointments must be women. Women seem to understand the needs and purpose of government better than men do, and they would be less likely to accept bribes in the guise of political contributions.

While women address the human needs of citizens, men would still have our important role in society -- heavy lifting, Second Amendment support, undying loyalty to professional sports teams, and control of the TV remote.

Churches, synagogues, mosques and all other centers of superstition and lust for political power would be converted to socially useful purposes, such as early childhood education and environmental project planning and implementation.

On the issue of recreational drugs, I’m stumped. If Nancy Reagan and Elvis Presley couldn’t solve the problem, how could I?

Perhaps I have in some way given Mr. Boyer hope. After all, his villains were men and I addressed that. His other minor complaints would be handled by freeing men to follow their cherished pursuits.

Cheer up, Mr. Boyer. Rome lasted more than 500 years in one form or another without any electronic devices or SUVs.




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