Letter: '10 days of play' not just for kids


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Attention parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and baby-sitters desperate to get kids out of the house. An hour into nap time, I had to drag my three away from the Berkshire Museum and its "10 days of play." The elegant Ellen Crane Room has been transformed into an enormous, beautiful mess, where the only rule is, "As long as no one is playing it, play with it." [The program continues through Sunday.]

My kids got straight to work with cardboard, duct tape, and yarn, and created a highway and Pisa-like tower. They played house in a cardboard mansion with gauze curtains and telescope through the roof created by another group of Steve Jobs-in-the-making. The energy in the roomful of 2-10-year-olds was, "Please do not disturb; geniuses at work." What a timely reminder that I can stop fantasizing about locking my kids in the basement for the remainder of winter, and just put some boxes and tape down there.

Thank you to the education department at Berkshire Museum, Pop Up Adventure Play, and all the local supporters of "10 days of play." More, please!




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