Letter: A broken promise in Sheffield


To the editor of THE EAGLE: As I sat in the Sheffield Board of Selectman meeting last Monday night and listened to Rene Wood explain the intricacies of one project after another; as she went over, line by line, the long letter of support that is being sent to our legislator as FY15 budget debates continue in Boston to seek the various grants and funding that our town could be eligible for, all I could think was, "who else would be doing this?" I wondered who else would pick all this up? Who else has ever taken the time Selectman Wood has to work through the intricacies of forms and meetings, to pull in grant monies, approvals and answers. She has done an excellent job.

I believe that Nadine Hawver's denial of Rene's rightful and proper turn as chairman was an insult to a long-serving, hard- working and valued member of our Board of Selectmen and community.

Ms. Hawver stated she was there to ask the tough questions, but there were no questions of any kind asked, just an act of divisive insult. Ms. Hawver said it was "the will of the people," while she seems to forget she won by only 40 votes, with nearly 500 votes against her.

I saw nowhere among Ms Hawver's many campaign statements that she would immediately and publicly insult a dedicated town official and deny her the chairmanship that by long-standing tradition has been granted to the third year, outgoing member. I have serious doubts that each and every vote Ms. Hawver received was a vote to remove the chairman and break our town tradition.

Sitting where I was, what I saw was an act that was not " best for the town" as she called it, but rather a coup, a broken promise to our town traditions and an insult to Rene. I did not hear one word of hope, reconciliation or community.

This was a very disappointing way to start.




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