Letter: A humane response to factory farms

A humane response to factory farms

To the editor:

Anne Hanchett's Oct. 13 op-ed piece on ballot Question 3 "Responsible farmers support Question 3" proves it deserves a "Yes" vote from every Massachusetts resident. Personal experience convinced me years ago.

Back in the early 1970s I worked at a truck stop in Canaan, N.Y. Trucks from factory farms often came through with trailers stacked 12 feet high with cages of chickens bound for slaughter. They were packed so tightly as to be a solid mass of birds top to bottom with no runoff of excrement which soaked those below.

You should know that the intervening years have yielded no change in their treatment by factory farms whose only guidance is by the profit yielded in the bottom line. You, however, can impose the guidance of a thoughtful, empathetic human being by voting "Yes" on Ballot Question 3.

Scott Plantier, Pittsfield


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