Letter: A later school day would be counterproductive

Later school day creates new problems

To the editor:

I am a ninth grade student at Mount Greylock Regional High School and am writing about the recent Eagle article on later school start times by Jim Therrien. As a student I have a very strong opinion about school start times.

As Pittsfield Schools Superintendent McCandless said, when adolescents don't get enough sleep, they are more likely to get medical and physical injuries. I agree with this statement, as students waking up early are more likely to get in car accidents because they are not fully awake, and make stupid mistakes that they aren't in control of. I often times find myself struggling to stay awake and focus in my first couple classes of the day.

However, although most students would want school to start later, I do not think it would be a good idea. My main reason for thinking this is sports. McCandless says that sports coaches and parents of athletes would have to have a say in the school start times. As a sports player everyday after school, I don't get home until 5:30 and start my homework soon after that. Generally my homework takes me three hours and I don't get to sleep until 10 every night.

If school were to start later it would cause a chain reaction. First, school would end later, then sports would end later, and students would get home later. If students got home later, then students would finish their homework later and ultimately go to sleep later. If the reason for starting school later is for teens to get more sleep, then I believe that not a thing will be changed.

If students go to sleep later and wake up later, then they will get the same amount of sleep. All in all, starting school later would be an extremely difficult and pointless process which would only cause minimal positive change.

Cole Kuster Williamstown


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