Letter: A lesson from Stone Hill Road


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It is interesting to read about the controversy over the proposed development of the Elm Court estate. The discussions remind me of a similar situation many years ago.

I was a member of the Stockbridge Planning Board when developer Thomas Spencer appeared before us. Mr. Spencer had purchased more than 300 acres on Old Stockbridge Road. Mr. Spencer was looking to create nine to 10 building lots on the property. Each lot would be three to five acres. The neighbors came out in force against the proposition. The seven-member board was split, three members for and three against, and me. The members of both sides were adamant in their positions. It was a tough spot for me.

I weighed both arguments carefully. The adjacent homeowners who pronounced their love of the woods to walk dogs or bird watch felt it was a crime to deforest the land. Mr. Spencer, first and foremost owned the land. His proposal showed gorgeous homes to be developed that would be integrated into the landscape.

Mr. Spencer had all of his t’s crossed and his i’s dotted, and except for a personal point of view, there was no reason to turn it down. Stone Hill Road, off of Old Stockbridge Road, is an exemplary use of land and the homes can be breathtaking.

I sincerely hope that the Stockbridge Selectmen are not stalling for time. This is a treasure of a property, and a vision few people could create. There are not many developers able to take on such a task. It seems that Mr. Finke is working with the town in good faith and I think people should not let their apprehensions get in the way of what may be an offer we should not refuse.




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