Letter: A non-pharmaceutical approach to pain management

A non-pharmaceutical approach to pain

To the editor:

I just returned from a clinical rotation in El Salvador. After a week of serving people, seeing extraordinary changes, and bringing much-needed relief, what stood out most was the respect, teamwork, and patient centered care by the medical staff and our team of chiropractors.

There were long lines of people waiting to be seen by our team. The El Salvadorian medical doctors asked questions, served as translators, and in a short time saw amazing changes in the people who came for help.

They were so impressed with what they saw, and what they heard, from the patients about their results, that they literally went through their patient files to find patients that could benefit from our care and asked them to come in. In a short time their issues like migraine headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder issues, and even sleeping difficulties were resolved eliminating the need for various medications.

Berkshire County has a drug problem and unfortunately many have become addicted to the medications they were prescribed.

I think it's time that we consider a non-pharmaceutical approach to pain management. We owe it to our community to offer safe, effective, and cost efficient means to resolve their medical issues.

Dr. Scott Garber, Pittsfield


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