Letter: A proud tradition ends at Glendale post office

A proud tradition ends at Glendale post office

To the editor:

On, Monday, July 11, a 93-year-old tradition ended at the small post office in Glendale. At noon, Lois A. Hall shut her window there for one last time, sadly closing a chapter on a family tradition that has spanned 93 year, four generations and two buildings.

The little post office celebrated its 165th birthday on July 3. In 1923 when Peter I. Adams, Lois's great-grandfather, purchased the Glendale Store, then called "The Cook's Store," he took on the role of postmaster for the small village of Glendale.

From 1931 until 1966, Adams' daughter and Lois's grandmother, Helen A. Miller, served as the postmaster. It was during her tenure, in 1956, that the post office left the store and moved to her newly constructed house on Route 183 where it is today.

Following her retirement her daughter-in-law, Lois's mother, Dorothea A. Miller took over and continued the family's connection to the Glendale post office. It was in 1983 that Lois began working with her mother on Saturdays and whenever needed.

In her 33 years at the post office, she saw a lot — children growing, family generations coming and going, new families moving into the small village, and of course hundreds of people looking for Chesterwood and the Norman Rockwell Museum. She saw the price of stamps change, records go from written documents to computer reports, and so much more.

I know in the past few weeks it was difficult cleaning out so many years of history and memories and saying goodbye to all of the people she had seen daily through happy times and sad ones.

The village of Glendale thanks Lois A. Hall for her service to the village for 33 years, for the smiles, laughs, and kind-hearted conversations. Although your new mandated position will only be a few minutes away in Stockbridge and the Glendale post office will still be there, it won't be the same without you there.

Joshua David Hall, Pittsfield


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