Letter: A sad story brightened by kindness of many

A sad story brightened by kindness of many

To the editor:

My son and I returned from his baseball practice recently to find someone parked in our driveway. They said they were trying to help a small bichon dog that they had seen running precariously near a currently very busy Williams Street in Pittsfield.

One second later, my son was very upset and yelling that a dog, the bichon, had been hit by a car. The obviously upset driver stopped and carried the dog to the side of the road while I stopped traffic.

Within a couple of minutes, two drives had stopped, a Pittsfield High School baseball player in uniform and a veterinary technician from Lee Veterinary, and were comforting the dog. We called the police and the baseball player grabbed a towel from his car to wrap the dog.

As we were formulating a plan to bring the badly injured dog to a veterinarian, photographer Edward Acker pulled up in his car and without blinking an eye said "Let's go, we need to get him to a vet, put him in my car". With that, the veterinary technician scooped up the dog and jumped in Edward's car, asking me if I "would please move (her) car, the keys are in the ignition" and off they went.

I moved her car and she retrieved it later that day. The baseball player stopped by after his game inquiring whether I had heard anything on the condition of the dog. I told him I had not but would try to find out.

His last name is O'Brien, if you happen to know his parents, please congratulate them on a job well done in raising this young man.

Mr. Acker responded to my email to let me know that while he was able to locate the dog's owner who made it to the vet's office to be with the dog. regrettably the dog had passed away. A sad day, but the silver lining was that my son was able to witness good, caring people coming together and helping this little dog.

Richard Johansen, Pittsfield


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