Letter: A selectman for all of Sheffield


As a long-time resident of Sheffield I feel qualified to voice my opinion about the needs of Sheffield in terms of a Selectman. I have known David A. Smith Jr. for over 40 years. David is a thoughtful and level-headed man with over 20 years of experience in municipal leadership and has proven his exceptional commitment to our community.

After being voted out by a whirlwind write-in campaign last May, supported by the same faction of voters that now support Martin Mitsoff, David is stepping up to the plate to be the voice of reason to protect the voice of the majority of the voters in Sheffield. This is a man that understands the demands of this job and is willing to put himself back into the position of leader of our community.

David was born and raised in Southern Berkshire. Educated at Mt. Everett. David has served Sheffield in many ways. He has served on the Finance Committee, he has served on the Board of Selectmen. He is a member of the Council on Aging and is chairman of the building committee for the Senior Center, he also serves on the arts council. In addition to his town positions David has served the community for 21 years as a member of the Sheffield Kiwanis.

His historical knowledge of our community is vital to protecting our rights as citizens and voters. Do not be fooled by the opposition, Mr. Mitsoff is supported by the same group that thinks as locals we are not educated enough to make reasonable decisions. That same population that has a "not in my backyard" mentality.

Sheffield needs an experienced local candidate who can step in without any training and move this town forward. Beyond the quagmire that is Dollar General. It is imperative that we, the local population of Sheffield, vote for the experienced candidate. On Feb. 24, please vote for David A. Smith Jr.



The writer is owner of the Ramblewood Inn.


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