Letter: A shameful attack on Dalton project opponents

A shameful attack on Dalton plan foes

To the editor:

In response to Al Nadeau's December 21, letter "Disgraceful display by Dalton bullies," I must say to him, shame on you for your judgmental accusations. And I quote, "Shame on those Dalton folks who for various reasons, all based on suspicion and/or selfishness, voted to rescind the vote taken at the Town Meeting in May 2014 authorizing the Select Board to find a suitable use for the old high school."

Can he be more judgmental and hypocritical? He condemns an entire group of individuals based on his beliefs. According to the writer, anyone who opposes a project like this is obviously a bigot and/or selfish, regardless of the valid concerns expressed which were unaddressed by the Dalton Select Board and the Berkshire Housing Authority.

Am I saying that none of the opponents felt as he is claiming? Absolutely not. Clearly, there are judgmental hypocrites in every crowd. And Mr. Nadeau has proven to me that he is that person in his crowd.

George Baldasarre, Dalton


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