Letter: A successful history of working for city

A successful history of working for city

To the editor:

I first met Tricia Farley-Bouvier some 14 years ago. We were both running for four at-large-seats on the Pittsfield City Council. Tricia surprised me with her knowledge of Pittsfield and its people. (She also surprised me when she received more votes than I did.)

I became the City Council president and appointed Tricia as chair of the Public Building Subcommittee of the City Council. I also served on that committee. Tricia learned that there were funds left over from the account used to renovate the two middle schools and a number of elementary schools. The funds were dedicated for school improvements only. PHS, Taconic, Conte, Morningside and Crosby had received no improvements.

Tricia scheduled a meeting with her committee, not in the Council chambers in front of TV cameras, but at each school while they were in session. Yes, the meetings were posted but the press seemed to have little interest.

The principal and staff at each school told us what their #1 request was. Two schools requested improved security systems for the safety of staff and students. Two needed repairs to the gym floors, and the last school needed windows replaced. All of that was accomplished without fanfare, thanks to Tricia.

Tricia Farley-Bouvier proved she was an effective city councilor for four years. She was an asset when she was on Mayor Jim Ruberto's director of administration. As Tricia has gained experience, she is even better as our state representative.

The last time Tricia and I were on the ballot for councilor at Large, she received more votes than I did, again. I won't hold that against her.

Please join me in keeping Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Beacon Hill.

Gerald Lee, Pittsfield


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