Letter: A suggestion for critic of Obama, Court procedure

A suggestion for Obama Court critic

To the editor:

In reference to Friday's letter to the editor from Ed Dartford of Stockbridge, I would be interested to know how he is privy to the president's short list of Supreme Court nominees. Surely he isn't concluding that the suppositions of various pundits and pseudo-pundits are based on any list provided by the president, is he?

After his swipe at President Obama for " thinking that his undistinguished term in a state legislature and a similar performance in Congress qualified him to be president," it would be interesting to know which candidate he is supporting for the Republican nomination, almost all of whom are similarly deficient, especially the front-runners. Do they only need a "vision" to qualify?

If all he's interested in is a heavy hitter with undeniable experience of consequence, I would like to suggest Hillary Clinton to him. Who else is running that can match that!

Charles I. Francis, Becket


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