Letter: A violent responses sows more violence

A violent response sows more violence

To the editor:

A message to those who want to kill those evil terrorists: they all have family, friends, and countrymen who will respond by wanting to take revenge on you, your family, and your countrymen.

Every time we drop a bomb or fire a rocket from an airplane or a drone that harms people we are creating more enemies and implanting in them a burning hatred of us and our descendents. This desire for retribution can be passed from generation to generation. It can create a rage and need to fight back which is strong enough to willingly give one's life for. And so we get suicide bombers.

When we react with escalating violence in response to terrorist attacks we are aiding ISIS in recruiting new members. By responding by striking back with violence we risk making the world a more dangerous place for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. We are all incredibly vulnerable, "soft targets".

We may well decide, for whatever reason, that this price is worth paying, but we shouldn't' fool ourselves into thinking that there isn't one.

David Lotto, Pittsfield


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