Letter: A youth boxing program would benefit Pittsfield

Youth boxing program would help Pittsfield

To the editor:

On August 26 Wahconah Park had a wrestling and boxing event in which everyone had a great time. Especially when the boxing coach for my grandson, Kyntrell Daniels, Todd "Punisher" Poulton, knocked out Dangerous" Danny Evans. Todd did this for a wonderful kid, Christian Vonberg, a Wahconah Regional High School student who is battling brain cancer.

I know people think wresting and boxing are fake. but it makes kids' faces light up, and even the adults. We need more of this in Pittsfield.

For the past three years I have been trying to get boxing back in Pittsfield. I am not thinking of violence but about a place for our kids or adults to get frustrations out instead of using it for wrong. With help from the right people this could work.

My 10-year-old grandson Kyntrell is a member of the USA Boxing Association and has been taking boxing lessons with Todd for 3 1/2 years now. I know people think of boxing as a dangerous sport, but, as with all sports, boxing can be safe with the right equipment and in a good environment.

The risk of injury is no greater than any other popular sports or activities such as gymnastics, hockey, wrestling, or football. Boxing should always be practiced in a safe environment. The benefits of a boxing program go way beyond regular exercise, fitness and helping a child/adult take care of themselves in this intimidating world. Boxing gives you a sense of confidence, esteem, and, most importantly, self-discipline.

Kids need things to do things besides watch TV or use cell phones and video games. Many kids fall victim to bullying, violence is escalating and young people are growing up in scary times. These kids are our future.

A gym in Pittsfield to teach boxing is not going to solve all of these problems, but it could be a constructive step. Some young people need a controlled situation to vent frustrations and build self-esteem, not an uncontrolled street corner to get a handgun, knife or drugs.

We need new thing for kids to do. I think boxing would be great and kids would enjoy it.

Kathy Armstrong, Pittsfield


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