Letter: Abortion makes nation poorer


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I support letter writer Bruce Peck's recent list of reasons why we are poorer because of abortion. This compels to oppose the reasoning used in letter writer Cathleen Groves' response to Mr. Peck, "We are richer because of Roe v. Wade."

"Richer." The word recalls a visit of Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the U.S. The Clintons invited her to the White House, sensing a great photo op. What they got were the truthful, perhaps prophetic, words of a saint. She told them that, in spite of our great military power and wealth, we are one of the poorest nations on earth. Spiritually poor! Moreover, she stated that the violence in our culture is tied to the violence we are doing to our unborn children in the womb. Also from her: "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."

"Richer." So who is richer because of abortion? That would be Planned Parenthood, the 800-pound gorilla of the billion dollar abortion industry. Their "full service clinics" are well-oiled abortion mills focused on getting it done, not on giving mothers a choice. This organization and its affiliates perpetuate a legal holocaust far surpassing the Nazis. More horrific, they get paid well for it. Richer?

Who is poorer because of abortion? Unfortunately, first (after the unborn) come those who were supposed to be "set free" by it, our women. Post traumatic stress-like symptoms of depression, regret, guilt, emptiness and addictive behavior haunt post-abortive moms to varying degrees. Like police and combat vets, we don't end the life of another human being without deep emotional residue. Post-abortive women across the world today are standing up to testify to the truth of their pain and seek healing through the Silent No More campaign and Rachel's Vineyard.

Sadly, the truth about abortion is probably news to many people reading this because too many in this country's media seem joined at the hip with this shameful industry. Despite claiming objectivity, their coverage of abortion is muted, spun, biased or omitted altogether.

To Ms. Groves, something as brutal as abortion can never be "such a kindness" to anyone. You'll have to "fight to keep Roe v. Wade, the law" because a majority of Americans believe that it's wrong for humans to kill their own children.

Please pray and act to end this culture of death affecting us from womb to tomb.




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