Letter: ACA undermines Massachusetts health plan


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I have been covered by Mass Health, Commonwealth Choice, health insurance for the past couple years and liked it very much. I paid my premiums and they paid my claims, both on a timely basis. However, I received a cancellation notice for this plan effective March 31 due to the new Affordable Care Act. I must now sign up for a new plan, consistent with the ACA regulations that can only go into effect the month following application. Seems simple, doesn’t it!

What they don’t tell you is that you cannot apply for the new plan, while covered by the old plan. Subsequently I must let the old Commonwealth Choice plan expire on March 31, before I can apply for a new plan on April 1, that will only go into effect May 1.

April will be the first time in my life of 60+ years that I will not have health insurance, due to Obama and the Democrats who forced this onto Massachusetts. Nancy Pelosi was right, we needed to pass the law to see how horrible it is. It even wrecked the great system we have had in Massachusetts.

If you see me wrapped in bubble wrap during April, you will understand why.




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