Letter: Accommodating pickleball in Pittsfield

Making room for pickleball in city

To the editor:

I started playing pickleball within the past month after having played it maybe half a dozen times in Florida about seven years ago. The group I play with plays at a private court when the weather isn't bad and at the Dalton CRA when it is.

When I heard the private court might not be available much longer I contacted Jim McGrath, manager of the Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Dept. to find out if any of the tennis courts in Pittsfield were lined for pickleball. When he said there were none I wrote a letter to him asking how to go about getting a tennis court over-lined with a couple of pickleball courts. Within a week I found the topic scheduled for the Pittsfield Parks Commission meeting on Nov. 17.

Having attended the meeting and having discussed pickleball with them I found them to be totally objective and interested in pursuing it. Items that they will be considering for future discussion are, over-lining of either or both, park and school tennis courts for pickleball (which could make the sport available for school students as well), use of park basketball courts for pickleball, and accessibility of parking facilities at the courts.

I compliment them on their objectivity and believe that by the end of spring 2016, there will be locations in the city parks where pickleball can be played. Opinions regarding pickleball in Pittlsfield city parks can be sent to the Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Department at City Hall.

Additional information about pickleball can be found at www.usapa.org/rules-summary.

Joe Doboszynski Pittsfield


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