Letter: Accused’s appearance is own choice


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The attorney for an accused murder is concerned about the jury’s perception of his client’s looks. I don’t know, I think if one goes and gets facial tattoos which express anger and anti-social sentiments, and implants horns to make one associate one with Satan, can he really be surprised when the intended message is received? I used to see the accused on the streets when I worked downtown in Pittsfield. He scared me, and I bet he scared a lot of others. Now he is accused of killing and then dismembering folks. But, the DA still needs to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

I’m sorry if he made poor choices, but the trial will not be about his tattoos and his implants, but about the actions of three years ago and his alleged part in them. It was a brutal crime and required a lot of depravity between all involved. That he kind of looks the part, we can’t change that. If the trial goes like the other two, it seems like the commonwealth will be able to prove its case without pointing to the defendant and saying "doesn’t he look like a cold blooded murderer?" I don’t know what they look like -- but I do know that one needs to be really unhappy to want to put that message out there in the first place and not care what folks think.

I think this is the least of his worries and I sympathize with his lawyer -- but from what I read, when a lawyer has a weak defense, they bring up everything but the case.




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