Letter: Adams-Cheshire schools prove money is not issue

Adams-Cheshire schools prove money is not issue

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District for once again proving that throwing more money at a failing school system is not the answer to providing a quality education for our children.

The state Dept. of Education has released the 2015 results of statewide standardized state testing and once again, our schools are rated as providing some of the poorest quality education in the state. CT Plunkett has dropped to the bottom 4 percent of schools statewide. Hoosac Valley has dropped again into the bottom 13 percent while Cheshire school has had an increase but remains in the bottom 23 percent. More than 80 percent of our students are not meeting the state's minimum standards in certain grades.

There is plenty of blame to go around. The teachers for not providing a quality education, to the administration for not doing the things needed to ensure the education our kids receive, to the school board for not making education of our children the district's top priority and holding everyone involved responsible to this common goal.

Once again the school district is going to be seeking a major increase in spending, way above the amount of money that the state had determined to be enough to provide a quality education to our children. All this while our student population continues to drop to the fewest students ever and employment in the school district increases.

For way too long, Adams and Cheshire have over-funded our schools while our towns have cut services, cut jobs, robbed their reserve spending, raised taxes, and let our towns slowly fall apart. Never mind the huge impact on people on fixed incomes, like many of our seniors. All this while our schools hire and spend money like there is no end to the funding.

Over-funding our schools and hoping for better results is not working. We have tried that for many years now and it has failed. It is time we start demanding results before we give the schools the extra money they want. We need to stand together and reject any budget that is above the amount that the Dept. of Education has determined to be needed to provide a quality education to our students. Once our school system starts getting results proving that they can provide a quality education to all of our children then we can start to give them the extra money for non-essential spending.

Parents, if you truly want the best education for your children go to the school board and demand the school system steps up to provide a quality education. Your next best choice is to exercise your right to school choice and send your kids to any other school district in the county. At least that way you are guaranteed to get your kids a higher quality education.

Gary Trudeau, Cheshire


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