Letter: Adding transparency to Tyer transition

Adding transparency to Tyer transition

To the editor:

Applause to Mayor-Elect Linda Tyer for her transition plan to include department heads' briefing packages (Eagle, Nov. 25) in advance preparation for her taking over the mayor's office Jan. 4.

Great idea for her to gather insight into her leadership team's credentials and experience before defining the priorities and expectations for their city departments going forward.

An addition to her commitment for greater transparency and increased community participation in the governing process would be to "post" these reports online for the community to share along with the monthly update reports that follow. This would be a giant step forward in the inclusion process for the Pittsfield community to better understand how our city government is meeting its stated objectives and expectations.

It would appear that this process would put everyone on the same page and reduce the element of surprise as she proceeds with her four-year term as mayor. Drawing back the curtain on governing would be of value to her and her efforts to create inclusiveness for the community.

This transparent process would certainly break the mold of the historic governing procedures and move her to the forefront of "open thinking and communications" among governing leaders.

Barry Hollister, Pittsfield


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