Letter: Adoption is answer, not abortion


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I agree with the March 31 letter by Bruce W. Peck stating how the human race is poorer because of abortion. I come from the viewpoint of a life which was not lost to abortion. I was adopted in 1963, 10 years before Roe v. Wade was passed, primarily by Democrats. After I graduated from high school, my biological mother made herself known to me and told me that she had thought of traveling to Mexico to obtain an abortion.

I would like to point out that there are fewer citizens paying more money into the Social Security pool and far more elderly retiring. According to some sources, if Roe v. Wade had not been passed in 1973 there would be 50 million more taxpayers who paid or are paying into the Social Security system.

I knew a woman who twice a year would go into a depressed mood because she had twice obtained an abortion. She would say her son would be such-and-such an age on the anniversary days of the abortions. She had a hard time with the reality that she cut short a life two times. I am sure there are many more women in society who live in a state of depression knowing they cut short the lives of human beings. If a girl gets pregnant and wants a quick solution she is in a state of mind where she is fearful and cannot make sound decisions.

I met my biological father who died 20 years ago of cancer. Fathers of a baby should have just as much say as to whether a mom has the "right" to have an abortion. To all those who were adopted as I was, especially since Roe v. Wade was passed, you should consider yourselves lucky to be alive.




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