Letter: Airline search money better spent


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It’s been more than 40 days since Malaysian Flight MH370 disappeared. We all grieved for the families that lost members on that flight.

After a number of false starts, it was concluded the most likely spot to find the wreckage was in the Indian Ocean so the search is concentrated there. The Indian Ocean covers 28 million square miles. A robotic submarine was sent down but it was quickly found that the device could not go deep enough. The depth there approaches five miles. It also can only cover 15 square miles of the ocean floor in one pass. "A needle in the haystack" comes to mind.

With these conditions, it looks to me like an exercise in futility. While we all wish for success, one has to wonder about the expense of the search. I’m sure it is already in the millions.

One might say "It’s not coming out of my pocket." Believe me, ultimately it’s coming out of everyone’s pocket from all the countries participating. More importantly, think how much good would it be if that money was spent alleviating the misery of the millions of people in the world. There are sure plenty of them.




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